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On Campus Recruiting (OCR)
Fall 2013: September 30-November 26
Spring 2014: January-April

On Campus Recruiting @ GW:  Recruit the Best

The GW Center for Career Services can assist you with your hiring needs through the On-Campus Recruiting Program.  We'll help you connect with and select the best and brightest students and alumni GW has to offer.  You'll be able to interview the candidates you've selected in our suite of interview rooms, conveniently located within the Center.

The main Center for Career Services is your link to the University's students and alumni from its schools of Arts and Sciences, Education and Human Development, Engineering and Applied Sciences, International Affairs (undergraduates), Public Health and Health Services, and Health Sciences.  Our employer relations staff have developed an array of programs and services that can be customized to suit your unique needs as a recruiter at GW.

NOTE:  While we can assist you with your recruitment needs for undergraduate and graduate students and alumni from the schools mentioned above, students and alumni from certain schools and programs at GW can be recruited through their specialized school-based career centers.  Click here for more information on which GW career services department will best serve your recruitment needs.

GW Students - Vibrant, Diverse & Experienced

The George Washington University is the largest institution of higher education in the District of Columbia with more than 25,000 students, 10,000 of them undergraduate.  Few private schools of this size have the number of majors, the array of classroom opportunities, and the well-connected faculty that GW is able to offer.  Our nation’s capital—a lively international metropolis mixing rich history with evolving cosmopolitan culture—supplements our students’ learning and enrichment.

GW’s diverse student population includes undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, 139 foreign countries, and from a variety of ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Over 80% of GW students gain career-related experience through internships, co-op jobs, part-time jobs, and volunteer positions while they are enrolled at the University.

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OCR Basics

The On Campus Recruiting program (OCR) at GW assists your recruiting efforts for full-time, summer and post-graduate professional positions via 100% pre-selection. To assure you a successful interview day, we've streamlined the campus interview process by using GWork, a web-based interview tracking and scheduling system. GWork is a part of the NACElink® Network, a non-profit service provided through an alliance of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the DirectEmployers Association, technology provider Symplicity Corporation and numerous collaborating colleges, universities and employers across the country. GWork allows you to post available positions, receive resumes from qualified students, and select those students whom you want to interview.

The OCR program is free and runs from October to November in the fall semester, and from February to April in the spring semester. Please post your positions at least six weeks in advance so that we can work closely with you to ensure a successful day of interviews—typically scheduled in 30-minute intervals, permitting up to 12 student interviews in one day. Other interviewing options are available depending on your needs.

If you wish to schedule an information session prior to OCR interviews, to familiarize students with your organization and the positions available, please schedule a date through GWork by clicking on the Events tab on your profile page. You can limit information sessions to the applicants you will be interviewing, or you can open it up to a larger student population for recruitment purposes. 

Contact our Employer Partnerships staff at 202.994.8633 or 
Note:  If you are interested in recruiting students from the School of Business, please contact the Fowler Career Center at 202.994.6704 or


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Policies and Codes of Conduct

Employers recruiting on campus are expected to be familiar with and honor the National Association of Colleges & Employers' Principles for Professional Conduct for Career Services and Employment Professionals.

Please read the following information:
GW Center for Career Services On Campus Recruiting Policies and Codes of Conduct


Information on Scheduling Interviews

How do I schedule a date to interview students?

Login to GWork; then once on your profile page, click on the On-Campus Recruiting tab at the top. The first tab that pops up will be “Schedules.” You will notice a button below it that says “Request A Schedule.”  Click this and the system will prompt you to complete your schedule request.

When should I schedule my interviews?

We have a limited amount of interviewing space in the Center for Career Services and the schedule fills very early. Plan on scheduling your date at least six weeks prior to your visit. We want to ensure there is ample time for students to apply for the positions, for you to select your candidates, and for those candidates schedule their interviews. For our fall semester in particular, we recommend that you reserve a date as early as late June or early July to secure your first preference.

Can I schedule interviews for next week?

If you already have the students you wish to interview, and we have the space available, we may be able to accommodate your request. However, we will only provide a room reservation in this case. The responsibility of contacting students and scheduling student interviews will be your responsibility due to the short time notice.

How many interview rooms may I request?

You may request a maximum of two rooms through GWork; however, we understand that in certain circumstances you may need more room.  Please contact us directly at 202.994.8633 or to discuss additional room availability.

How do I know which OCR module best fits my interviewing needs?

here are four modules from which to choose: 

1. OCR Preselect
This module does not have an alternate option. All students that are invited to interview will be able to sign up for interviews on a first-come, first-served basis. Please ensure you select as many students as there are slots.  Otherwise, some of your candidates will not be able to sign up. (This is a Career Services preferred method)

2. OCR Preselect to Alternate
This module allows for alternate candidates to sign up for interview slots that are still available after preselected students have already had their first pick of interview time. Generally, alternates can sign in to GWork two days after initial sign-ups begin, to sign up for any remaining spots. (This is a Career Services preferred method)

3. OCR Room Reservation Only
Once students have applied to your position in GWork, you select and contact the student to set up interview times. You are responsible for emailing us your schedule of interviews the day before you come to campus so we know whom to expect. (This option is not the preferred method and will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis)

4. OCR Resume Collect
This module is a regular job posting, except that students expect to be interviewed if their application is accepted. Interviews take place at your organization or another non-GW location.

What timeline should I expect after requesting my interview date(s)?

Once you have requested an interview date in GWork, please wait for email confirmation that your reservation has been approved. Once you receive this email, you will need to post your OCR position in the GWork system. To do this, click on the “On Campus Recruiting” tab at the top of your GWork homepage. The “Schedules” tab of the window that opens will have an “attach position” button under the “Options” column. Click on this to post the position you are hiring for the day of the OCR interview. The window that opens will prompt you to “copy existing position/create a new position.” Click this button to fill out the job form in GWork.

By clicking on “Schedules” under the “OCR” tab in GWork, you will be able to see the OCR timeline on the bottom of the page. It will list your schedule details as well as OCR resume submissions deadlines, employer selection deadlines, and student interview sign-up deadlines.

Once listed, your position will be posted for approximately two to three weeks. At this time, you will be able to click on the “Applicants” tab under the “OCR” tab in GWork to view student resumes as students apply. You will also receive an email once a student has applied.

What happens if I miss my deadline to select students?

If you do not login to GWork by your selection deadline, all students who applied for the position will be automatically “not invited” for the position in GWork. It is important that you adhere to the deadlines to ensure a smooth interviewing process.

If for some reason you need a few more days to make selections, please call 202.994.8633 immediately so that we can extend your deadlines in the system!

What should I do if I have to cancel my interviews?

Please call 202-994-8633 as soon as possible when you know that you must cancel your interviews. We may be able to reschedule your interviews if there is available space.

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Information for Interview Day(s)

What will my interview day be like?

Arrive at your interview site between 8:30 and 8:45 a.m. if you have 9:00 a.m. interviews. In your interview suite will be a folder with your schedule for the day, student resumes, a list of lunch options around campus, and a few forms to fill out to let us know about your experience at GW. We want to ensure you are happy—we welcome any feedback you may have!

We will provide complimentary water, hot tea, and coffee. Wireless connectivity is also available.

Where are my interviews?

OCR interviews are held in one of three locations on campus:

  • Marvin Center 505 (Center for Career Services)
    800 21st Street, NW
  • Duques Hall (School of Business)
    2201 G Street, NW
  • Tompkins Hall (School of Engineering & Applied Science)
    725 23rd Street, NW

    Click here for campus maps.

    View Larger Map

Can I park at GW for free the day of interviews?

Yes! We will validate your parking the day of interviews.  Please make sure that you park in a GW-affiliated lot and not in any of the private vendor lots that are on or near campus (i.e., Colonial Parking). If you are unsure about the parking lot, ask an attendant if it is part of GW. Click here for information on official campus visitor parking lots.  Also, make sure to bring your ticket with you so that we can stamp it.

I want to interview a student who is studying abroad. Can I conduct phone interviews in the Center for Career Services interview suite?

Each interview room is phone-equipped. We will be happy to help you dial internationally to reach students you wish to interview.

How do I let you know I hired a GW student/alumni?

We are always excited to hear about GW students getting hired!  Please email Offer/Hire information to at your earliest convenience to let us know of your GW hires.

Is there a charge for your services?

The OCR program at GW is free of charge, as are information sessions. The only events that you will need to pay for are fairs to help cover the cost of venue rental.

Can I schedule an information session/table on your campus?

Information sessions are reserved for organizations interviewing on campus through OCR and on a space-available basis. Sessions for thirty-five people or less can take place in our workshop room, fully-equipped with current audiovisual technology.  For larger groups, we will attempt to reserve other University facilities as available.

Tables cannot be reserved on campus due to space limitations.

How do I advertise my organization through the campus newspaper or other student groups?

The student newspaper, The GW Hatchet , is a good way to attract candidates to positions in your organization or to highlight an upcoming visit or information session. Registered student groups and organizations may be reached by contacting the Student Activities Center at 202.994.6555 or linking to

Can I get comparative information about current salaries being offered to your recent grads?

The GW Center for Career Services collects salary survey information from employers and graduates for the purposes of providing comparative salary data to interested parties. We provide our collected data to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (our professional organization), who then compiles it along with the data of other universities across the country to provide a statistically sound sample of current salary offers.

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Guidelines for Offers of Employment

To ensure students have the opportunity to make well‐informed, thoughtful decisions regarding job opportunities, the GW Center for Career Services asks that employers give students ample time to consider all offers. We encourage employers to follow NACE guidelines and these following timelines for GW:

Summer Internships

  • Candidates who receive full‐time offers of employment from summer internships should be given until October 30 to accept/decline offers.


  • Students who receive full‐time offers of employment from fall recruiting should be given until November 30 to accept/decline offers.
  • Students who have interviews after November 15 should be given a minimum of four weeks from the date of the offer to accept/decline.


  • Students who receive full‐time offers of employment from spring recruiting should be given until March 30 to accept/decline offers.
  • Students who have interviews after March 15 should be given a minimum of four weeks from the date of the offer to accept/decline.
  • Students who receive internship offers from spring recruiting should be given four weeks minimum from the date of the offer to accept/decline offer.
  • Students who have interviews after March 1 should be given a minimum of two weeks from the date of the offer to accept/decline.

Return Internship Offers

  • Students who receive Internship offers to return for a summer internship the following year should be given two weeks minimum from the first date of campus interviews in the spring to accept/decline offers.

    Employers failing to adhere to these policies may be restricted from scheduling interviews the first two weeks of the following semester.  Repeated offenses may result in restriction from campus recruiting completely.

Extending Offers

Job offers for both full‐time and internship opportunities should be made through an offer letter sent directly to the student. The Center for Career Services asks to be notified as well to ensure staff can work with students on adhering to student policies. All hires can be submitted into the "Offers/Hires" folder in GWork or emailed to

Salary Resource Center

Since 1956, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has been a leading resource for employment information. The NACE Salary Calculator Center is a salary survey data resource designed to save you time and money, and provide you with reliable and proven results. 

Click here to access the NACE Salary Calculator and Salary Data Center.

 Additional NACE Salary Calculator Tools for Employers

Compensation Data
Salary Data for Employers
Salary Data and Salary Calculator
Salary Data Center

For more information, feel free to contact our Employer Partnerships staff at 202.994.8633 or