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    Mission Statement 
    The George Washington University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center provides a comprehensive range of education, support and advocacy services to create and maintain an open, safe and inclusive campus environment.   The LGBT Resource Center welcomes a diversity of racial, ethnic, religious, political and cultural values and is committed to enhancing acceptance and quality of life for the entire GW community.

    The Resource Center is located located on the third floor of the Multicultural Student Services Center, 2127 G Street NW.  For more information call (202) 994-4568 or email

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    18 Mighty Mountain Warriors
    Fri 04.23 // 07:00pm // Marvin Center Continental Ballroom
    As artists and activists, this hilarious, critically acclaimed Asian American sketch comedy group seeks to explore and articulate images of Asian Pacific Islander Americans different to that perpetuated in the mainstream media. This group pushes the envelope to break down prevailing stereotypes and promote more positive images.

    Celebrating Us: Asian Women of Excellence
    Tue 04.27 // 07:30pm // Marvin Center Amphitheater
    Recognizing the many roles of Asian American women. Panelists will address their roles in their respective careers and share their experiences as Asian American women.

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